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+Strategic Consulting

Our value-added services are based on the definition and strategic implementation of real estate projects and businesses. An appropriate articulation of the multiple variables (economic, financial, commercial, legal, administrative and technical) that intervene in an investment decision – or in the development of a project or the management of a real estate business in its broad sense– is vital in order to achieve the projected profit targets and keep the inherent business risks under control at all times.

Conceived as a service of continuous and dynamic character, the definition and implementation of effective strategies adapted to each case, and the management of the necessary operations to obtain the desired outcome, is the greatest value-added service provided by Alvores.

- Analysis of economic viability, investment and real estate projects assessment
- Asset optimization, urbanistic and administrative viability
- Market research and business planning of real estate projects
- Strategic assistance in investment and divestment operations
- Strategic assistance in financing processes and business restructuring

+Integrated Project Management

Within the necessary technical advice needed for any project execution, an integrated project management is the broadest and most effective. It covers the technical definition, planning and management, and extends in a flexible manner to the different facets during the development process, and may result even in a 100% delegation if requested. That way, the investor recruits an expert and independent management while maintaining real control over the development, maximizing the project added value and minimizing the risk inherent to a non-specialized management.
With regards to land acquisition and master planning, product design, execution of works, marketing, exploitation and maintenance of the property, we plan, coordinate and manage all the necessary operations to achieve the projected profit targets by adjusting business risk to its optimum level.
Our experienced professionals analyze each project in depth. Such assessment increases the development options and adjusts deadlines enhancing profitability without altering, or even by reducing, the initial budget. Furthermore, we ensure full control over any project as well as effective conflict resolution with the different intervening parties given the transparency and traceability of the operations realized as per the master plan.

- Search, analysis and acquisition of real estate assets
- Definition and development planning
- Time management, economic and financial planning
- Assistance or management of financing processes
- Management of procedures with public and private entities
- Definition of lots, selection and bidding process, contracting and communication with construction companies, technical services companies and other suppliers.
- Quality control on all different levels during the construction: budget, time management, environment
- Legal risk analysis and risk prevention; general legal support to the Promoter

+Real Estate Management

Integral management of real estate assets, including, in a tailor made package, all functions required to cover the needs of each client or property
We optimize revenue and operating costs and, as result, increase profits for the investor and, where appropriate, for the operator, through well-organized planning, facility control, regulatory advice, as well as the efficient contracting or renegotiation of leases, supplies, insurances and services. Return on investment is guaranteed given our commitment to budgetary control, tracking and traceability of incidents.
We integrate in a single team these multiple and specialized services providing our clients the implementation of an optimal corporate strategy with significant savings in internal resources.

- Commercialization and administration of leased properties
- Budget planning and revenue and operating expenses control
- Recruitment, control and coordination of real estate service providers
- Maintenance planning and optimization
- Compliance with the general legislation and specific regulations
- Community management, implementation of internal regulations
- Administrative, accounting, tax and human resources management in relation to the exploited real estate asset
- Management of technical issues and incidents
- Risk management through compulsory and specific insurance policies
- General legal support for the property

+Marketing Services

We provide our clients the necessary assessment and advisory for an appropriate characterization of a real estate asset. Our multidisciplinary team optimizes the products’ market value by thoroughly integrating the design, development and marketing phases
We always pursue the maximum profitability for the investor. Depending on the development or asset needs, we design an action plan including those operators or final clients that should fulfill the investor´s objective. Once this plan has been agreed and approved, we implement it through rigorous marketing actions and purchase contracts formalization in order to achieve full guaranties of stability and solvency for the exploited asset and the best commercial appeal for assets intended to be sold.
We look for the most suitable client or operator for your property or the optimal commercial mix for your project. Our experience in coordinating specialized marketing teams and contacts with specific operators, allows us to know the market needs and align the strategy of each client or project with these trends.

- Strategic Consulting
- Investment Analysis
- Commercial projection and pre-marketing studies
- Marketing, corporate image and merchandising
- Marketing planning and execution
- Negotiation, elaboration and contract formalization
- Control and monitoring of commercial activity
- Deactivation of operations and asset disposal

+Specialized Advice

The multidisciplinary team of Alvores offers solutions and real answers to the broad spectrum of legal, urbanistic and financial issues that arise during the acquisition, financing, urban development, commercialization, leasing, acquisition, sale and/or exploitation of land, buildings, and real estate developments of all kinds.
We provide the best advise based on our experience and deep knowledge of the whole real estate business cycle, providing the opportune means for the decision-making process and defending our clients´ interests with total legal guarantee. With that objective in mind, we actively collaborate with external specialists in those specific cases where it is either convenient or prescribed by the client.
Our experience allows us to ensure a favorable result in any situation of risk or uncertainty arising from the business activity, both, vis-à-vis the public administration and between individuals and private entities.

- Elaboration of studies and legal opinions, urban and economic planning ad hoc
- Legal defense and representation in litigation and judicial proceedings
- Negotiation and elaboration of contracts and agreements of public-private collaboration
- Development and implementation of financing, investment and divestment strategy

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External social network cookies:
They are used so that visitors can interact with the content of different social platforms (facebook, youtube, twitter, linkedIn, etc.) and that they are generated only for the users of these social networks. The conditions of use of these cookies and the information collected is regulated by the privacy policy of the corresponding social platform.

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